EX-TRAFIRE®HD plasma cutters

The mobile plasma cutting systems in the EX-TRAFIRE® HD range set new standards in terms of performance, versatility, operation and cost-effectiveness.

They can do so with their newly developed concept, in which all components have been optimized and perfectly coordinated. The plasma cutting systems in the HD range are available in three different performance classes.
They are suitable for use with hand and machine torches for plate thicknesses up to 2-3/8″.

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Have a question? You can find the answers for the most common questions asked by our customers.

Why are EX-TRAFIRE® plasma cutting systems so cost-effective?

With a 100% duty cycle and very high cutting speed, the HD range offers maximum productivity for industrial users and stand out due to their flexibility and excellent price-performance ratio. They quickly pay for themselves, even when not in continuous use.

What materials can be cut when using an EX-TRAFIRE® power supply?

EX-TRAFIRE® plasma power supplies allow the cutting of all electrically conductive materials and non-ferrous metals such as black steel, aluminium, stainless steel, hardox etc.

EX-TRAFIRE® power supplies feature a GRID MODE function. What exactly does this function do?

All our power supplies have an integrated GRID mode (automatic switching between the pilot and the main arc). There is no need for re-ignition (pressing of the torch trigger) when leaving the material.

Is it necessary to make modifications to the plasma power supply when switching from handheld to machine operation?

No modifications are required. Every EX-TRAFIRE® power supply is fitted with a 14-pin CPC connector for interconnection with a CNC cutting machine that provides internationally used signals:

● Plasma arc start/stop – remote control of the power supply
● Transfer of the plasma arc to the workpiece – signal required to initiate movement of the torch
● Voltage of the plasma arc divided into five selectable ratios – signal required for controlling the height of the torch above the surface during cutting

Are EX-TRAFIRE® plasma cutting systems ready for Industry 4.0 applications?

With their standard and BUS interfaces, the HD models are additionally designed for full system integration, as well as being updatable and suitable for demanding Industry 4.0 applications.

Are EX-TRAFIRE® power supplies fitted with any above-standard safety features?

EX-TRAFIRE® plasma power supplies feature automatic internal testing immediately after system startup. If a fault is found, its error code will appear on the display and the power supply will not start up until the issue is resolved. You will not find this safety feature on cheap plasma power supplies.

What is the marking function?

The marking function of the EX-TRAFIRE® HD plasma cutting devices is a particularly practical feature. It enables clear fine, deep or wide markings to be made on components and makes downstream processes much easier. The marking function uses an integrated gas-saving function and automatic gas identification.

EX-TRAFIRE® power supplies feature a GOUGING function. What is it used for?

This function is most commonly used for preparing a material for welding, removing old welds etc.

What is the warranty period for EX-TRAFIRE® power supplies?

Cutting systems – 3 years
Plasma cutting torch – 1 year
Torch spare parts (except for consumable material) – 6 months (for post-warranty repairs)
Spare parts for the cutting system – 6 months (for post-warranty repairs)